Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Get This Home

     Get This Home is one of my new blogs and it will chronical my sister's and my selling my late parents house. I don't have it set up with photos yet but I plan to do that as soon as possible.

     It's my dream that someone somewhere will see or hear about this home and want to purchase it. It's not a large house and needs some normal maintence like a lick of spackle here and there and the rooms need painting.

      It has a lot going for it and would be great for a starter house. We're not looking to get rich by any means on this sale, we just don't want to get cheated in this time of home foreclosures and housing gluts.


K Trainor said...

Kathleen, I'm sorry to contact you here - I don't have your email. I discontinued the blog you reviewed and, unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and let the domain name go. The site that scooped it up is NOT kid friendly, so you'll want to remove your post. I'm sorry for the trouble, I screwed up. :(